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Staff Training Course Catalogs for School Safety & Risk Prevention

As the leading provider of safe school training, we are the only company focused solely on K-12 staff training and development as part of a complete safety compliance program. With more than 500 online courses, relevant and relatable to education settings, and authored by the best-in-class experts, we will equip your entire school staff with both the knowledge and the understanding to not only meet requirements and compliance mandates, but to transform your safety culture to benefit staff, students and visitors by preventing risk and maintaining safer schools!

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Emergency Management

First Aid Equipment & Supplies

Food Safety

Hazard Assessments

Human Resources & Employment Law

Information and Communication Technology

Personal Productivity

Post-Incident Retraining

Safe Work Practices & Job Procedures

School Nurse Safety

Student Behavior, Intervention & Support

Student Safety, Wellness & Social Responsibility

Workplace Safety & Regulatory Compliance

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