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PublicSchoolWORKS is the number one provider of complete, online safety and regulatory compliance programs for K-12 schools.

Built by current and former administrators, our school experience gives us unique insight into the needs of school districts and has helped us to develop systems and complete  programs that address the challenges schools face with staff and student safety.

Since 2002, when our first customer began utilizing EmployeeSafe, we have provided our school district customers with continuously evolving safety and regulatory compliance programs.

In recent years, student safety and behavior issues have become of greater concern. In response to customer suggestions, we developed and have evolved StudentWatch, a suite of tools focused on supporting students to reduce undesirable behavior issues, bullying concerns and student injuries.

The suites are customizable to meet the specific needs and requirements of each school district.  And, the built-in, “set-it and forget-it” automation of our powerful, web-based administrative software tools make safety compliance hands-off for school administrators.  This allows administrators to be assured that they are in compliance, while freeing them up to focus on improving education for students.

While most companies only sell software, PublicSchoolWORKS delivers “peace of mind!”

Comprehensive. Compliant. Cost-efficient.

“That’s the PublicSchoolWORKS’ Way!”