Every day, PublicSchoolWORKS leads the transformation of health and safety in the K-12 community. With sophisticated intelligence and our unrivaled program advisors, we help eliminate the complexities schools face around training, compliance, and liability.

We passionately believe all schools should be free of harm, intimidation, and risk that will create a stable environment for sustained learning, growth, and well-being thereby fulfilling our mission of positively impacting student and staff outcomes.

COVID Resource Center

Covid Resource Center

PublicSchoolWORKS’ Covid Resource Center includes training, tools, and HealthAssistSM. Our comprehensive approach to protecting your district includes CDC best practices for cleaning and wellness, online learning techniques, and monitoring student safety. Paired with supplemental tools like posters and videos, our Covid Resource Center keeps staff diligent while providing district leaders with peace of mind.

EmployeeSafe – Creating Peace of Mind With Fully Managed Training!

Employee Safe

The Staff Training System, part of the award-winning EmployeeSafe Suite, eliminates the “knot in the stomach” administrators often feel as to whether they are in compliance with regulatory requirements. The Staff Training System includes 500+ online courses addressing workplace safety, student safety, human resources, state and federal specific issues, and other safety topics. Learn More Now!

Student Behavior Management Without All of the Paperwork!

Good Children

Implementing the online Behavior Management System in StudentWatch puts an end to piles of paper and helps administrators quickly identify issues and protect victims. This system reduces the amount of time an administrator takes to process a referral, supports data-based interventions, and automates communication through emails and custom letters.


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Did you know that moisture increases heat loss? Stay safe and warm this winter by wearing the proper clothing. Check out this free winter clothing poster to help stay protected from the elements. Download here: bit.ly/3IElrjP

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Help prevent accidents and injuries with our free winter walking poster highlighting where to walk, how to carefully distribute bodyweight and posture, and clothing tips. Download here: bit.ly/3nUNp2W



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When it comes to providing diabetes care for students, a school nurse is the best option. However, a nurse may not always be available. Our course, Training for Designated Diabetes Personnel, can help train additional staff to assist diabetic students.