Student Bullying & Violence Prevention (SBVPP)

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The Student Bullying & Violence Prevention (SBVPP) is a complete program that includes effective tools designed to help school districts support students experiencing bullying, violence and other school safety issues.

This pre-defined and customizable program includes the training, tasks, forms, reporting systems and other tools for a complete bullying and violence prevention program.

The following tools are included, plus the automated system to ensure each requirement is accomplished timely and completely by the appropriate staff or vendor:

Staff Training and Awareness

  • Positive Youth Development
  • Bullying Prevention
  • Student Violence Prevention
  • Teen Dating Violence

Student Training and Awareness

  • Bullying prevention courses highlighting the proper ways to communicate bullying concerns and teaching ways to stop bullying

Reporting Tools

Written Plan

  • Integration with district-specific written plans addressing student bullying and violence prevention initiatives and coordinated with PSW program elements

Forms, Documents and Posters

  • Posters for hanging in open areas and as handouts to educate students on the program
  • Anti-bullying labels to put on books, student IDs or other student resources
  • Other custom tools defined by district

Recurring Managed Safety Tasks

(Auto-emailing of notices – examples below)

  • Reminders to principals for periodic posting and distribution of anti-bullying posters
  • Reminders to principals for periodic or annual distribution of labels
  • Reminders to site and central office administrators for periodic meetings to review plans and data

Parent InfoCenter

  • Provides parent access to Student Bullying & Safety Reporting Systems, training for students, training provided to staff, and access to national crisis hotlines

24/7 Access to Support

  • National Crisis Hotlines
  • Telephone reporting for bullying, violence or other student safety concerns
  • Training and system support
  • Award Winning Client Services Team

Media Relations

  • Support for district communications team to introduce programs to the local community