Crisis Response Program

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Our award-winning Crisis Response program was developed specifically for school districts to ensure that schools and local agencies are prepared to act in the event of a crisis, whether an active shooter, bomb / IED or other crisis event.

This predefined and customizable program includes the training, tasks, forms, reporting systems and other tools for a complete school-focused crisis response program.

The following tools are included, plus the automated system to ensure each requirement is accomplished timely and completely by the appropriate staff or vendor:

Staff Training and Awareness

Student Training and Awareness

  • ALICE Active Shooter Response Training

Reporting Tools

Written Plan

  • Crisis Prevention written plan development and/or coordination with PublicSchoolWORKS program elements

Forms, Documents and Posters

  • Plans & Procedures: Lockdown drill procedures, emergency action plans, crisis plans, communications to first responders,  and more, including customization to district plans & procedures or use of PublicSchoolWORKS models
  • Forms: Drill records, reporting forms
  • Other: FAQs to parents

Recurring Managed Safety Tasks

Auto-emailing of predefined or custom notices, as in the examples below:

  • Crisis Response Drills: Lockdown, active shooter, fire, tornado, earthquake, and other drill types.
  • Meetings with law enforcement, SWAT teams, K-9 teams, bomb squads and other emergency responders to prepare for and ensure effective communication, training and execution in preparation for a crisis event
  • Building-specific Tasks: Building preparation, location of emergency systems and shutoffs, assembly of crisis kits (containing radios, crisis flipcharts, floor plans,
  • Ongoing Security Maintenance Tasks: Managing ongoing testing and maintenance of emergency systems, camera/surveillance systems, alarm/notification systems, communications systems and security systems

Parent InfoCenter

24/7 Access to Support

  • Telephone reporting for bullying, violence or other student safety concerns
  • Training and system support
  • Award-winning Client Services Team

Media Relations

  • Support for district communications team to introduce programs in to their communitystaff roster, pre- and post-emergency contact numbers, first aid kits, flashlights, etc.) and review of crisis plans