Bloodborne Pathogens Program

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PublicSchoolWORKS provides a complete and customizable bloodborne pathogens program to ensure districts are compliant with all aspects of OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1030 (or state safety mandates).

This pre-defined, custom program provides an integrated solution that includes the content, training, tasks, forms, written programs and other tools needed to practically and consistently address all aspects of a bloodborne pathogens safety and compliance program in the public school environment.

The following tools are included, plus the automated system to ensure each requirement is accomplished timely and completely by the appropriate staff or vendor.

Staff Training and Awareness

  • New-hire staff bloodborne pathogens orientation training
  • Annual staff bloodborne pathogens refresher training
  • Staff training on district-specific program policies and procedures
  • Staff awareness and signoff on the Hepatitis B vaccine consent/waiver
  • Post-incident retraining (integrated with the PSW “Accident Management System”)
  • Staff notification/training of required procedures following an exposure report (integrated with the PSW “Accident Management System”)
  • Staff awareness and signoff on post-exposure evaluation declination

Reporting Tools

  • Online bloodborne pathogens incident/exposure reporting, incident management, and exposure claims management
  • Step-by-step follow-up directions to the employee after an exposure report
  • Follow-up and compliance directions to the central office contact person after an exposure report
  • Key documents sent to health care providers (required by law) and to central office contact person

Written Plan

  • Bloodborne Pathogens Program written plan development and/or coordination with PSW program elements

Forms, Documents and Posters

  • Customized online Hepatitis B Consent/Waiver Signoff form coordinated with Bloodborne Pathogens Program written plan
  • Post-Incident/Exposure Procedures development and coordination (integrated into Accident Reporting Procedures and Post-Incident Retraining)
  • Forms
  • Decline Post-Exposure Evaluation form
  • Vaccine Appeal form
  • Biohazard label

Recurring Managed Safety Tasks

  • (Auto-emailing of predefined or custom notices – examples below)
  • Annual review of Bloodborne Pathogens Program written plan
  • Staff PPE supplies (e.g., gloves) management
  • Cleanup supplies & disposal management
    • Blood and body fluids cleanup supplies
    • Sharps containers
    • Disposal (biohazard) bags

Document Management and Staff Access

  • Staff access to district-specific Bloodborne Pathogens Program written plan (as required by law):
    • Online safety Document Management System
    • Included in both the orientation and refresher online training courses
  • Staff access to program forms and labels (i.e., via PSW Document Management System)
  • Administrative access to key documents as required by law to be provided to the outside medical provider following an exposure

24/7 Access to Award Winning Client Services Team

  • Training and system support
  • Support to meet compliance requirements

Media Relations

  • Support for district communications team to introduce programs to the local community