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Districts don’t have an easy and reliable way to keep track of employees’ training completion, and it’s a tragedy waiting to happen. That’s what makes EmployeeSafe so powerful. The minute an employee completes an online course, the system updates their transcript and you can see who has taken which courses and print transcripts with just a few clicks.

Waterville Public Schools (ME)

I took a course on CPR and the Heimlich maneuver years ago, but taking the PublicSchoolWORKS course refreshed what I learned. Because I took that course, it all came back to me when the student was choking and I was able to calmly help him.

Dundee Elementary School Aide
Garaway Local Schools (OH)

I truly appreciate everything the PublicSchoolWORKS team has done for me. More importantly, I appreciate what it has accomplished in keeping staff and students safe. Crime prevention is tough to gauge, but PublicSchoolWORKS is making a difference. Lives are better because of what you all do.

Coordinator of Health, Safety and Security
Great Oaks Career Campuses (OH)

It is about time we got a good training curriculum. It is to the point, without dragging it out.

Chemistry Teacher
Winton Woods City School District (OH)

I don’t worry about training anymore. The system automatically notifies staff to take their training. If not completed, the building principal or supervisor is notified. Now we get all of the training done and the system manages it for us.

Coordinator of HR
Dublin City Schools (OH)

Our principals are excited about how easy it is and how they can better use their time. And safety is spreading throughout the district.

Director of Human Resources
Worthington Schools (OH)

From an HR perspective, it has made our training almost seamless – a significant time-saver.

Director of Human Resources
West Linn-Wilsonville School District (OR)

Within one week of the compliance due date, all of our staff had completed their training. The best thing is that we can now easily ensure that our employees have completed their training.

Director of Human Resources
Rockwood R-VI School District (MO)

PublicSchoolWORKS training is much more adult, user-friendly, with better support than the web-based training we used in the past.

Director of Technology
Hamilton Local School District (OH)

PSW has been so responsive to our needs. It is so easy for us to use and ensure that our staff is knowledgeable in regard to safety. If there is something we need to individualize for our district, they are always willing and very quick to ensure that our needs are met in the best way possible.

Lead Coordinator of 6-8 Social Studies & Professional Development
Texarkana ISD (TX)

We are getting better trained employees and it is easy to use for all of our employees.

Greenville City Schools (OH)

PublicSchoolWORKS is a great program and its fabulous staff just makes it that much better! Our Program Management Coordinator Parker LaBoiteaux has provided amazing customer service from day one. He is polite, professional, personable, extremely organized, helpful and he always gets the job done. He keeps me on track with what I need to do and he magically takes care of the rest. The beginning of the school year is a busy time for school support staff and the stress levels can run high, but after working with Parker on our training plan, he took away all my worries and made it happen.

District Clerk
Nevada City School District (CA)