Training System

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    Course authors include school, safety, HR and other qualified experts. Rest assured that our courses have been developed mindful that school staff feels the training addresses their unique environment.
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    Provides 600+ online training courses, covering all the health, safety and behavioral topics needed by a public school system for training staff and students. Some courses are available in Spanish and French.
  • Custom Course Catalogs
    Addresses staff training, awareness and documentation of board policies, staff handbooks, crisis response plans, guidelines and procedures.
  • Training Compliance & Learning Management System
    Automates the management, notification, tracking and documentation and ensures all staff training is complete.
  • Training Auto-Reporting System
    Eliminates the need for administration to run reports to track employees who have not met district training expectations as reports are auto-generated and sent to key administrators and supervisors.
  • Training Scheduler
    Training is scheduled strategically and managed automatically to meet safety and compliance expectations and is hands-off for administrators.
  • Tips for Educators
    Information provided as key takeaways for online learners.
  • Course Time Tracking (CEU / PDU)
    Tracks rated and actual completion time to provide continuing education credit.
  • Post-Incident Staff Retraining System (integrated with Accident Management System)
    Automatically enrolls and notifies employees involved in accidents to be retrained and minimizes the chance of a recurring accident.
  • SafetyCulture Staff Awareness Program
    Automated communication of safety tips to improve staff and student safety.
  • Telephone Helpline — 24/7 Safety & Regulations Support for Staff
    24/7 training, safety and technical support, plus meets training compliance requirements.