Training System

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  • Eliminates the compliance “knot in the stomach” worries of administrators.
  • Ensures compliance with training requirements without impacting staffing needs.
  • Delivers and ensures a “Culture of Safety” across all sites and to all staff to improve staff and student safety.
  • Ensures safety and consistency across all schools for required training.
  • Reduces time required of administrators and staff to maintain compliance with federal, state and local training regulations.
  • Reduces workers’ compensation, healthcare, property & casualty, liability and other insurance costs.
  • Ensures board policy requirements are understood and acknowledged.
  • Improves staff safety awareness, knowledge and understanding of the organization’s safety program, while minimizing risk, liability and bad press.
  • Training courses are easy-to-use for all staff, including those who are not comfortable with computers.
  • Online tracking and documentation of training on safety courses eliminates load on administration to track and store training records.
  • Eliminates the need for and cost of storing training records, including employee sign-off on board policies, handbooks and other district-specific documents.
  • Support provided by PublicSchoolWORKS staff reduces load on current administrative staff typically required to support technology programs.