Staff Accident Management

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The award winning EmployeeSafe Suite offers the only online staff accident management solution for school districts that effectively addresses the prevention side of employee accidents. The result is a reduction in workers’ compensation and healthcare costs, while complying with district, local, state and federal requirements.

The Staff Accident Management System automates the process to ensure that appropriate steps are taken for each staff accident. As reports are submitted, the system immediately mobilizes key administrators, supervisors and accident investigators to address their specific responsibilities, and auto-notifies claims management partners (MCO / TPA) with First Reports of Injury (FROI) / claim forms to get them involved immediately.

Safety is further enhanced as the system can automatically enroll and notify the injured employee to take training appropriate to the incident. Additionally, the system is integrated with the Hazard Reporting System, which prompts site staff to address the hazard and tracks it back to the resolution of the issue.

The system virtually eliminates the time spent managing accidents including the completion of required documents such as the OSHA 300 log and OSHA 300A (in states where required).

Our school district administrators focus on education and turn accident management over to EmployeeSafe.