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Our team includes former district and school administrators. We’ve experienced the:

  • challenges of ensuring a safe and healthy environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors
  • high demands on administrator and staff time, limited budgets and resources, and continually changing regulations
  • challenge – if not impossibility – of organizing and maintaining control of all the information and activities that are necessary to meet critical safety, regulatory and reporting requirements
  • struggles of finding ways to minimize costs, limit liability, and maintain strict compliance with all applicable safety and compliance regulations

We’ve also dealt with the burden of correcting these issues!

With that in mind, PublicSchoolWORKS was developed to address all of these challenges and more!  Our team has an unconditional passion for helping each district implement a comprehensive safety compliance program that:

  • is consistent
  • provides excellent documentation
  • carries on from year-to-year and administration-to-administration
  • all with the over-riding goal to eliminate administrator time and effort

To that end, we roll up our sleeves and help plan all aspects of the program – drawing on PublicSchoolWORKS resources that include written plans, forms, training courses, and other content – then making use of the PublicSchoolWORKS software tools to automate all aspects to implement and sustain the program year-to-year.

When complete, administrators have the confidence that all processes are being performed on a timely basis and reflect best practices.