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What you should expect

Our support will raise the bar and establish a new standard for the support you will expect from other vendors!

We do it all for you

We don’t dump software on you! We completely setup and provide ongoing support to evolve your PSW. And we provide 24/7 telephone system and technical support for you and your entire staff!

Program Management Coordinator (PMC)

You are assigned a PMC who is trained in and fully understands your state and federal requirements. As our PMCs are state-focused, they gain knowledge and best practices for districts in your area which are shared with you during the implementation of your PSW.

Research & Development

Our R&D team keeps up with new and updated legislation and develops the content and tools you need, when you need them. We keep you in compliance!

Response to your calls

When you or your staff calls for help, we are available. 97% of customer calls are handled on the initial customer call. What more can you ask!

School Industry experts

PublicSchoolWORKS has been developed by former and current school administrators giving us a unique perspective of schools and their needs. This experience is ingrained in our staff as we support you and your district.