Student Behavior Management

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  • Implemented Behavior Strategies
    Implements positive behavior intervention supports and other strategies.
  • Behavior Management System
    Automates the management, notification, tracking and documentation of discipline referrals, teacher documentation and positive reports.
  • Referral Reports (major infractions)
    Automates the entire process from the submission of a referral to principals intervening to provide support to at-risk students and improve communication with teachers.
  • Documentation Reports (minor infractions)
    Automates process with documentation reports for teachers while principals now have access to information providing them a composite view of all student behavior concerns.
  • Positive Behavior Reports
    Enhances use of positive reporting for recognizing and rewarding positive student behaviors.
  • Automated Custom Behavior Letter System
    Automates the creation of district standard, or custom, discipline and behavior student and parent letters.
  • Behavior Records Library
    Enhances student behavior intervention processes with quick access to individual, site, type and district-wide behavior and discipline data.
  • Behavior Trend Reporting
    Complete data, graphs and charts are available to teachers and principals to quickly see and intervene with at risk students, improving education in the classroom.
  • Automated State-Record Reporting System
    Integrates with state reporting systems for the recording of information on required reportable behavior issues, thereby eliminating the need to do double entry.