Student Behavior Management

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  • Enhances effectiveness of behavior strategies including positive behavior intervention supports and other strategies.
  • Improves education in the classroom and productivity throughout the organization with comprehensive behavior information and effective communication tools.
  • Enhances and supports district and school behavior strategies by providing one resource for managing referrals, teacher documentation reports and positive recognition.
  • Improves communication to ensure all appropriate staff are in the know.
  • Automates communication through emails and custom letters, thereby increasing the awareness and involvement of teachers and parents.
  • Creates easy-to-read tables and charts to assist in recognizing behavioral trends to improve prevention and early intervention.
  • Supports data-based interventions to reduce office referrals and increase student time in the classroom.
  • Reduces the amount of time an administrator takes to process a referral while improving effectiveness.
  • Improves effectiveness and assists in effective interaction with victims of violence, bullying, and harassment.
  • Saves time for principals by providing instant access to a student’s complete behavioral record for viewing or printing.
  • Enhances continuity of intervention from one year to next (calendar year and across grade levels) for effective and consistent support of students.
  • Improves effectiveness of behavior strategies with customization features.
  • Improves consistency and compliance with district and school behavior strategies across all buildings and with all staff and administrators.
  • Improves teacher classroom management since administrators have the data they need to guide and support teachers.
  • Minimizes the chance of legal challenges when system prompts appropriate action and response for appropriate intervention.
  • Eliminates storage costs of records and storage management time.