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I took a course on CPR and the Heimlich maneuver years ago, but taking the PublicSchoolWORKS course refreshed what I learned. Because I took that course, it all came back to me when the student was choking and I was able to calmly help him.

Dundee Elementary School Aide
Garaway Local Schools (OH)

I was sold on the idea that PublicSchoolWORKS would notify us of any new legislation or requirements and we would automatically receive materials and content to use to meet these requirements. It was one of the reasons we chose PublicSchoolWORKS over the competition. When we saw this in action – our Program Management Coordinator contacted us about a new requirement that wasn’t even on our radar – I was blown away. Many products do not deliver what they promise, but PublicSchoolWORKS does.

Director of Human Resource Services
Salt Lake City School District (UT)

PublicSchoolWORKS really makes compliance easy! I used to spend a large amount of time making sure I hadn’t missed any reported injuries for our buildings, but with PSW, it’s just a click to complete.

Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent
Franklin Local School District (OH)

I truly appreciate everything the PublicSchoolWORKS team has done for me. More importantly, I appreciate what it has accomplished in keeping staff and students safe. Crime prevention is tough to gauge, but PublicSchoolWORKS is making a difference. Lives are better because of what you all do.

Coordinator of Health, Safety and Security
Great Oaks Career Campuses (OH)

PublicSchoolWORKS assists our risk management process and helps promote a culture of safety across the district. This helps minimize the frequency and severity of losses. The money we would be spending on accidents and premiums can now go back into the general fund and support student instruction.

Director of Safety and Student Services
Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation

“We have instituted several changes to foster a culture of safety in our district, including implementing PublicSchoolWORKS, and we’ve seen significant results. Our workers’ comp provider told us our EM rate is the lowest they’ve seen for our district and PublicSchoolWORKS has had a positive impact on this outcome.”

Chief Finance Officer
Chatham County Schools (NC)

It’s people like you and the WORKS staff that makes me realize how lucky and safe Great Oaks is because of your efforts. The automated management of training and safety inspections do make a difference and I often hear them mentioned in conversations around our campuses. I would imagine on your end you don’t see the positive payoffs of your efforts, but I do.

Coordinator of Health, Safety and Security
Great Oaks Career Campuses (OH)

I wanted to complement you and your course designers for doing such a good job on putting these three new courses together. They are comprehensive and concise at the same time.

Director of Personnel
Highland Park ISD (TX)

There is more training required of us than most superintendents realize. PublicSchoolWORKS makes us aware of all that we should be doing and we aren’t. PublicSchoolWORKS provides me with peace of mind knowing that all of our staff members are receiving all the necessary trainings within the required timelines. I sleep a little better at night knowing this is being done properly. I love being able to log-on and print off proof that our staff have done what someone is asking me for.

Havana Community Unit School District #126 (IL)

We are very proud that 97% of our staff completed training by the deadline and it was hands off for us. The system managed the entire process. And, if anybody needs anything, they call PublicSchoolWORKS.

Director of Building & Grounds
Dodge City Public Schools (KS)

PublicSchoolWORKS makes us all look good over here. I appreciate the tremendous support.

Safety Advisory Services Manager
Calgary Board of Education (AB)

That worked perfectly. I was able to go in and document on our incident from yesterday. Yay…I love this system!

School Nurse
Buckeye Career Center (OH)

We’ve had to hire so many new subs in our school kitchens this year. Thank you for making this process so easy!

Food Service Secretary
Gahanna Jefferson Schools (OH)

PublicSchoolWORKS helps us to run a quality safety program for our district, while allowing us to cover more ground with fewer resources. This is really important for us as a public school district.

Executive Director of Operations
Lorain City Schools (OH)

PublicSchoolWORKS will improve the fidelity of our safety reporting and instill uniformity in all of our safety processes.

Chief Operating Officer
Teton County School District #1 (WY)

We are already seeing positive results with PublicSchoolWORKS as last year we saw a reduction in our Workers Comp premium.

Chief Financial Officer
Chatham County School District (NC)

The trust I built with PublicSchoolWORKS from my experience in my previous district provided all the comfort I needed to bring EmployeeSafe with me to Adams County School District #14.

Interim Chief Human Resources Officer
Adams County School District #14 (CO)

EmployeeSafe does everything it says it will do and more. We implemented and sustained a comprehensive risk management program and didn’t need to hire a Risk Manager. The result is that we’ve reduced our workers’ comp claims and premiums, and even streamlined the OSHA 300 reporting. It has helped us do things we could have never done on our own.

Business Manager
Anderson County School District Three (SC)

“Until PublicSchoolWORKS, having a ‘culture of safety’ was unattainable. With PublicSchoolWORKS, I am confident that our schools are safe and compliant.

Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services
Caroline County Public Schools (MD)

PSW makes my job easier.

Assistant Superintendent
Franklin Local School District (OH)

I would be buried without this system. I cannot function and do what I need to do without PublicSchoolWORKS. Once they set it up, I never have to worry about it because it lets me know what to do and when.

Business Manager
Kings Local Schools (OH)

I have been here seven years and have never experienced customer service like I have received from PublicSchoolWORKS.

Chief Operations Officer
Sheridan School District No. 2 (CO)

A lot of times, you buy into what vendors say, but then become disappointed because it is all talk. PublicSchoolWORKS really delivers what is sold!

Finance Officer
Tyrrell County Public Schools (NC)

We can’t afford to be without PSW because it is saving our district money in the short and long run. It is saving us money while it runs the whole Safety and Compliance program for us.

Business Manager
Mount Healthy City Schools (OH)

This system is amazing. I don’t know why every district isn’t using it.

Business Manager
Kings Local Schools (OH)

I really am in AWE of the program’s capabilities and quality.

School Nurse
Greene County Career Center (OH)

The programs are intuitive and easy to use and we haven’t had any complaints. It is amazing because we went from a paper system to one hundred percent computer systems with many staff that has never used computers before.

Assistant Superintendent
Sidney City Schools (OH)

We’re a small district so instead of having staff members assigned to a specific task, they wear many hats. We’re seeing a great benefit from using EmployeeSafe. It meets our needs and exceeds our expectations.”

Director of Maintenance & Transportation
Sheridan School District No. 2 (CO)

PublicSchoolWORKS always comes through. If we need anything, even if it is not an emergency, they treat it as one, which makes a difference. It is very easy to recommend and talk highly of PublicSchoolWORKS because they continue to surpass my expectations.

Mount Gilead School District (OH)

Because of the wonderful service they provide, we consider PublicSchoolWORKS to be a dedicated member of “our” team!”

Director of Technology
Educational Service Center of Central Ohio (OH)