Safety & Compliance Helplines

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  • Training Specialists
    Staff access to specialists that can address questions and improve the training experience.
  • Safety Specialists
    Access to specialists to get support, including to get medical advice, information on first aid, personal protective equipment, bloodborne pathogens, laboratory safety, environmental, health and safety related issues or other safety or required access information.
  • MSDS Now! (by phone)
    24/7 access to chemical safety specialist and Integrated with MSDS Now! – Bronze & MSDS Now! – Silver online MSDS binder to provide required back up to meet federal and most state OSHA regulatory requirements to eliminate the need for a paper binder.
  • Human Chemical Exposure & Poison Control
    24/7 safety and medical professional support for chemical hazards, exposures, exposure protection, fire response, proper handling and storage, first aid measures, what to do in case of an emergency, and other chemical-related issues.
  • Chemical Spill Management
    24-7 access to professional guidance for chemical spill cleanup, disposal and reporting.
  • Pet Chemical Exposure & Poison
    24-7 access to veterinarians certified in internal medicine and veterinary toxicology to support animal chemical exposure concerns.
  • Technical Support
    Improves safety with access to support regarding training, system access, or other topics, such as reporting completion of safety or regulatory tasks.
  • Email and Online Support
    Safety programs are further enhanced through immediate access to key staff to address customization, program enhancement and other requests and needs.