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  • Eliminates the hours spent looking through shelves of binders and endless filing cabinets for (M)SDSs, which may be damaged, out dated or even missing.
  • Provides for required chemical inventory.
  • Improves safety for staff in dealing with chemicals specific to that occupation or site.
  • Eliminates potential reading or language challenges in dealing with (M)SDS.
  • Eliminates the challenge, risk and liability associated with maintaining paper (M)SDS binders.
  • Ensures compliance with Hazard Communications (US) and WHMIS (Canada) regulations eliminating the risk of being cited or fined by regulatory agencies.
  • Minimizes the chances of chemical incidents as staff is properly trained to access and use chemicals (if integrated with Training Systems).
  • Eliminates costs and management time needed to meet (M)SDS storage requirements.