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Using WORKS Safety Compliance Systems

Employee Accident and Exposure Reporting

(5 minutes)

This course instructs employees on the procedures to follow after all accidents, injuries, and blood or chemical exposure incidents.

Getting a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

(10 minutes)

This course helps schools comply with OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) and the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). Specifically, this course teaches employees how to obtain Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) via telephone hotline and PublicSchoolWORKS’ online database.

Schoolhouse-n-Icons-onlyReporting a Safety Hazard

(10 minutes)

This course explains to employees the importance of reporting hazards, their responsibility to report safety hazards, what types of hazards should be reported, and how to report a safety hazard using PublicSchoolWORKS’ Hazard Reports / Safety Suggestions.

Staff Misconduct Reporting

(5 minutes)

This course describes how to chronicle staff misconduct.

Student Accident & Exposure Reporting

(5 minutes)

This course lists the procedures staff should follow when a student has an accident, is injured, experiences a serious illness or is exposed to another’s blood or body fluids.

Submitting a Student Behavior Report

(15 minutes)

This course lists the procedures staff should follow when submitting student behavior reports through the PublicSchoolWORKS Student Behavior Management System.

Submitting a Service Request

(5 minutes)

This course describes how to submit a service request (trouble ticket) using ITassist, an online service request and work order system. The course explains how to access and fill out the online service request form, along with an explanation of each of the key fields on the form. Lastly, the course explains what happens to the request after it is submitted.

Submitting a Student Behavior Report

(5 minutes)

This course describes how to document both negative and positive student behaviors. A student behavior report is the form you should use to communicate such incidents to you school administration. This course covers how to submit: a documentation report, an office referral, a bus referral and a positive behavior report.

Submitting a Work Request

(5 minutes)

​This course explains the procedures staff should follow to submit maintenance work requests using the PublicSchoolWORKS EZmaint.

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