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Student Suicidal Behaviors, Warning Signs, Responses and Interventions

Our researchers and course content developers focus on understanding not only what legislative mandates require so that our trainings meet requirements, but also on understanding the intent of what the requirement is actually trying to accomplish. As such, our courses feature real-life case study examples, thorough-but-practical expert information, best-practice approaches, and randomized testing questions to best ensure your staff understands what they are learning.

Suicide Prevention Module 1 is the basis for understanding fundamentals in suicide prevention awareness. This course may be combined with Modules 2 and/or 3 to provide a coordinated and complete core suicide prevention curriculum of up to two hours in duration to meet requirements for states with laws defining a specific amount of training time. Further, Modules 1, 2 and 3 together meet the requirements for states where the Jason Flatt Act has been adopted.

These courses are included in the course catalog for Student Safety, Wellness and Social Responsibility.

Suicide Prevention Module 1 – Suicide and the Adolescent Student
(Jason Flatt Act, M-505) – 35 minutes

This course:

  • defines suicidal behaviors and explains how they relate to each other;
  • explores the demographics and possible reasons for these behaviors;
  • explains brain development and social-emotional changes in adolescents;
  • defines resiliency and explains risk and protective factors for suicidal behaviors; and
  • defines responsibilities of the educator when a student displays suicidal warning signs.

Suicide Prevention Module 2 – Suicide Warning Signs and Response

(Jason Flatt Act, M-506) – 35 minutes
This course lists warning signs for suicide that indicate when a student may be at higher risk; details the responsibilities of an educator when a student displays suicidal warning signs; and provides steps a school should take in the event of a death of a student by suicide.

Suicide Prevention Module 3 – Suicide Interventions

(Jason Flatt Act, M-507) – 50 minutes
This course explains the purpose and function of universal, selected and intensive interventions; provides specific interventions that help prevent suicidal behaviors in children and adolescents; and describes serious emotional disturbances in adolescents and their impact on the classroom.

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