School Nurse Safety Training

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Courses for School Healthcare Workers

Bloodborne Pathogens for Healthcare Workers

(30 minutes)

This course contains information for Healthcare Workers on bloodborne pathogens, exposures and control plans, labeling and sharps records.

Nurse smilingLatex Allergy

(30 minutes)

This course contains information on latex allergies, including signs and symptoms, managing the risks and responding to a severe reaction to latex.

Personal Protective Equipment for Healthcare Workers

(25 minutes)

This course contains information for healthcare workers on personal protective equipment, including types, limitations and requirements.  It also details how to maintain and dispose of personal protective equipment (PPE).

School Nurse – Roles and Responsibilities in the School Setting

(25 minutes)

This course is designed to provide an overview of the roles and responsibilities of a nurse in serving all students in the school environment, in addition to addressing specific roles for working with students with disabilities.

TB Protection for Healthcare Workers

(30 minutes)

​This course provides information on TB infection and TB disease, including testing, and risk and control measures for healthcare workers.


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