Food Safety Training for Safe Schools

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Food Safety

Ensuring Adequate Cooking Temperatures

(40 minutes)

By completing this course, the learner will recognize that adequate cooking kills most germs to make food safe, the adequate cooking temperatures for variety of foods, proper use and placement of the thermometer, and how to calibrate and keep a food thermometer clean.

Food Safety for Food Handlers

SchoolLunchTable2-cropped(65 minutes)

This course covers the following topics: ensuring adequate cooking temperatures; the function and use of thermometers; calibrating a thermometer; temperatures, times and thermometer placement; cleaning a thermometer; an introduction to preventing contamination; what contamination is; preventing contamination during receiving and storage; preventing contamination during preparation and service; preventing contamination from the environment; preventing contamination from people; preventing bacteria from multiplying; the temperature danger zone; keeping cold food cold; keeping hot food hot; and proper cooling methods.

Preventing Bacteria from Multiplying

(35 minutes)

The learner will identify foods that will and will not support the growth of harmful bacteria, the food temperature danger zone, and proper methods to prevent bacteria from multiplying.

Preventing Contamination

(55 minutes – Also in Spanish)

​This course defines contamination of food, including the three specific types of contamination, how to identify measures that prevent contamination during receiving, storage, preparation, and service, and how to prevent contamination from people, utensils, equipment, other food, and the environment.


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