Compliance Task Management (Non-Training)

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  • Eliminates liability, bad press and other concerns that safety tasks are not completed.
  • Reduces the time required of administrators and staff to maintain compliance with federal, state and local regulations for safety tasks (non-training safety requirements).
  • Ensures safety and consistency across all schools for required safety tasks.
  • Reduces staffing and outsourcing costs while ensuring safety tasks are completed.
  • Improves staff safety awareness, knowledge and understanding of the organization’s safety program.
  • Eliminates costs associated with storage of forms and records of safety task completion.
  • Online programs reduce load on current IT staff and equipment and other staff typically necessary to support software.
  • Support provided by PublicSchoolWORKS staff reduces load on current administrative staff typically required to support technology programs.
  • Delivers and ensures a “Culture of Safety” across all sites to improve staff and student safety.