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PublicSchoolWORKS really makes compliance easy! I used to spend a large amount of time making sure I hadn’t missed any reported injuries for our buildings, but with PSW, it’s just a click to complete.

Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent
Franklin Local School District (OH)

I truly appreciate everything the PublicSchoolWORKS team has done for me. More importantly, I appreciate what it has accomplished in keeping staff and students safe. Crime prevention is tough to gauge, but PublicSchoolWORKS is making a difference. Lives are better because of what you all do.

Coordinator of Health, Safety and Security
Great Oaks Career Campuses (OH)

With PublicSchoolWORKS, accidents are reported, investigated and addressed so the accident is not likely to happen again. The net result is we get employees back to work much more quickly and cost effectively.

Business Manager
Anderson County School District Three

PublicSchoolWORKS brings down the cost of employee accidents as we get people trained and back to work more quickly. And, now we’re all speaking the same language.

Coordinator, Payroll & Benefits
Kettering City School District

I had to find a way to get control of my workers comp issues and with PublicSchoolWORKS, we have reduced our premiums and are keeping them low.

Circleville School District

PublicSchoolWORKS assists our risk management process and helps promote a culture of safety across the district. This helps minimize the frequency and severity of losses. The money we would be spending on accidents and premiums can now go back into the general fund and support student instruction.

Director of Safety and Student Services
Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation