Accident Management System

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  • Accident Reporting & Management System
    Automates the management, notification, tracking and documentation of required accident management initiatives.
  • FROI AutoComplete
    Expedites the claims management process by auto-completing and sending First Reports of Injury to the MCO/TPA, pools or other healthcare partners to immediately address incidents.
  • Lost Time Tracking Tool
    Helps reduce claims by improving the management of lost-time claims.
  • Accident Investigation Management
    Auto-mobilizes investigators to resolve safety issues & put prevention controls in place.
  • Accident Records Library
    Online repository houses all accident records and provides quick access to individual, site, type and district-wide accident data, claims records, injury, illness & other data.
  • Accident Trend Reporting
    Graphs and spreadsheets provide data for areas to put controls in place to reduce risk and for implementing prevention initiatives.
  • Post-Incident Staff Retraining System (integrated with Training System)
    Improves staff safety by notifying staff to take training associated with their incident type.
  • OSHA 300 AutoComplete
    Automates the management, completion and availability of OSHA 300 reports.
  • OSHA 300 ManualComplete
    Integrated with the OSHA 300 AutoComplete, it provides a tool to aggregate data if program is implemented at any point after the beginning of a calendar year.