Accident Management System

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  • Improves education in the classroom and productivity throughout the organization by keeping regular staff at work.
  • Minimizes the need for and costs associated with subs and temps.
  • Minimizes workers’ compensation, healthcare costs and lost time issues as key people are notified to complete appropriate post incident activities.
  • Improves morale as demonstrates awareness and concern to injured staff.
  • Improves communication and minimizes delays as health partners are auto-notified to get involved immediately.
  • Virtually guarantees complete and accurate reports on the first submission which improves accident prevention initiatives.
  • Improves quality of information as investigations occur while information is fresh.
  • Eliminates storage costs of records and storage management time as records are stored online.
  • Reduces administration time and effort typically required while improving results.
  • Minimizes the ability for and occurrence of false, inaccurate or non work-related incidents being submitted.
  • Minimizes the chance of legal challenges as accident reports are correct the first time and data is time and date stamped.
  • Minimizes chance of medical attention required without administrator knowledge and involvement.