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CIPAcrossPublicSchoolWORKS comprehensive CIPA training gives administrators peace-of-mind when it comes to meeting the internet training and policy awareness provisions according to the Children’s Internet Protection Act.

Our online CIPA training includes 4 tools that provide a comprehensive solution for schools:

CIPA-Orange-cutTool #1: Student Internet and Social Media Safety Training
These four courses provide grade-appropriate instruction on online safety and online behavior for students in grades K-2; 3-5; 6-8; and 9-12.

Tool #2: Staff Classroom Training
This course provides awareness of the appropriate use of the internet and social media, for educators to initiate and lead classroom discussions on the use of technology, internet safety, and address student questions and concerns.

Tool #3: Student Bullying Reporting System
Our 24/7 anonymous bullying reporting system provides a means for students to report cyber-bullying and other harmful behaviors in a non-threatening environment. Principals are auto-notified of behaviors or threats so they can quickly intervene before a situation escalates.

Tool #4: Parent InfoCenter
The CIPA parent information center is a resource for supportive information that allows parents to gain awareness of internet dangers
and steps needed to keep their children safe.

Are you prepared for the new CIPA?

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