Monday, August 10th, 2015

Tweeting Responsibly: School Athletes

Posted by Rachael Ballard Filed under: Courses, Internet Safety

A recent article in the St. Paul Pioneer Press suggests that social media has a big impact on students’ futures, particularly those who are being recruited for collegiate athletics. College coaches have started following their prospects on Twitter, which is forcing student athletes to think before they tweet.

Not only are coaches paying attention for inappropriate posts which could threaten a student’s chance for a scholarship, many coaches feel that what a player posts reflects who they are as a person and can help determine a player’s mentality.

Student athletes who have made it through the recruiting process while being active on social media have advice for those about to go through the process: be mindful. As for the coaches, some warn that retweeting every article mention about the high school athlete raises some red flags.

Learning digital citizenship and social media responsibility is important for student athletes, as well as all students, teachers, coaches and other school employees. What resources do you provide students and teachers to make sure they tweet responsibly? To check out our 15-minute “Social Media: Personal and Professional Use” online training course, email us today.

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