Friday, January 27th, 2017

Student Discipline and Violence Gets Media Attention

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How schools manage student behavior and address acts of student violence continue to get extensive media coverage. We want to help you stay updated on what’s being discussed so we compiled a list of recent articles we suggest reading.

Detentions, suspension and expulsion do not curb violent behaviorThe Hechinger Report. Authored by Lehigh University professor and Director of the university’s Center for Promoting Research to Practice Lee Kern, this article explains why students with chronic and serious emotional and behavioral problems do not respond to punitive discipline policies. Kern then outlines how districts can implement positive supports for better results.

Schools Closing the Discipline Gap with Restorative Justice and Equity InitiativesDistrict Administration magazine. This article argues that punitive discipline policies disproportionally affect students of color and students with special needs, which further solidifies the school-to-prison pipeline. The article then profiles several districts’ initiatives to provide more support for these at-risk students.

Can in-school meditation help curb youth violence?The Chicago Tribune. This article covers a new meditation initiative called “Quiet Time” at a Chicago high school where 98.3 percent of students are considered low-income. The effectiveness of the program is being studied by the University of Chicago Crime Lab.

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