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Safer Schools with Steve Waldmann: “PublicSchoolWORKS Delivers Everything.”

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Managing a school district requires more than just getting students to class. The district is in charge of transporting children to and from school on district school buses. They eat meals prepared and served by district cafeteria staff. Schools are cleaned and maintained by a district janitorial and maintenance team. All of these non-educational services fall under the supervision of managers of School Business Affairs like Steve Waldmann. As Manager of School Business Affairs at Kings Local School District in Kings Mills, Ohio, Waldmann is responsible for the operation and maintenance of 700,000 square feet of property.

“It can be very easy to have emergencies pop up in a district,” said Waldmann. “One of the headaches I have with Ancillary Services is recognizing, with the number of things there are to do, what should be prioritized so I do not miss anything. It can begin to interfere with some of those compliance tasks that I have to make sure get done, as well.”

With a vast range of responsibilities and tasks on his plate, Waldmann turned to PublicSchoolWORKS for a solution. Kings Local implemented the EmployeeSafe Suite to not only help track and manage ancillary staff tasks and training, but also staff accident reporting and other compliance tasks.

With the EmployeeSafe Suite, faculty and staff can report staff accidents and near-miss incidents. The system then auto-emails administration when a report is submitted, guaranteeing that the incident or claim gets addressed quickly and properly to reduce risk.

If similar incidents keep occurring, Waldmann can use the EmployeeSafe Suite to look for trends. If Waldmann finds that accidents keep occurring at similar times of day or in the same locations, he quickly sees it and the system is used to implement and manage prevention initiatives whether training, or audits or other programs.

EmployeeSafe also keeps track of and manages the completion of federal, state and district safety tasks and staff training requirements. When a safety task needs to be completed or training courses need to be assigned to employees, the system automates the process so administrators are hands-off until notified to take action.

To learn more about how your district can use EmployeeSafe for facilities management and other safety tasks, email

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