Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Safer Schools with Beverly Broestl: Eliminating the Knot in Your Stomach

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When it comes to worrying about the safety of schools, administrators often fear potential lurking hazards. To alleviate this fear and the knot in the stomach that comes with worrying about being in compliance, district administrators nationwide are turning to PublicSchoolWORKS’ EmployeeSafe Suite.

The online Hazard Reporting System and the Staff Accident Reporting System are online, automated systems for faculty and staff to report potential hazards and staff accidents as they occur. Once a report is submitted, the system automatically alerts the appropriate staff to take action and tracks the issue to completion. Districts are also using the EmployeeSafe Safety Task Management System to manage district, state and federally mandated safety tasks. The system automatically alerts key administrators when a safety task needs to be completed and tracks those individuals to sign-off on the completion of tasks.

The “set-it and forget-it” system ensures that administrators like Beverly Broestl, director of HR at Montgomery County Educational Services in Dayton, Ohio , are running a safe school environment, without the worry of having to remember every task that needs to get done. “It eliminates the knot in my stomach,’ said Broestl. “It takes away the worry, day and night, that I’m forgetting something.”

To learn more about how your district can use EmployeeSafe for facility management, sales@publicschoolworks.com.

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