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PSW Program Highlight: Student Bullying & Violence Prevention Program (SBVPP)

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PublicSchoolWORKS’ SBVPP is the only complete program to help school districts support students experiencing bullying, violence and other school safety issues. The program includes a Task Scheduler that auto-manages the timing, notification, tracking and completion of all associated tasks, such as period posting and distribution of anti-bullying posters, periodic or annual distribution of labels and meeting with key internal and external parties to review data. This ensures schools are in compliance with district, local, state or federal requirements.

Courses are available to train students on violence and bullying concerns and how to report them and to train staff t on how to effectively handle bullying and violence issues. Students can use the provided reporting tools – the Student Bullying Reporting System and Student Safety Reporting System – to anonymously report bullying and violence concerns. The SBVPP also provides schools with informational posters, handouts and stickers for students to remind them to use the resources available to them.

To complete the system, SBVPP also comes with the Parent InfoCenter. The Parent InfoCenter gives parents access to the reporting systems and national crisis hotlines, as well as access to the same bullying training that students and staff receive at school.

Cleveland Independent School District (ISD) began using the SBVPP this year to manage bullying and violence training for staff, as well as the reporting and tracking of bullying and violence incidents. “With all of the duties our district is tasked with on a daily basis, this system gives us the ability to focus more on education and less on tracking down staff and following paper trails,” said Karin Miller, the assistant superintendent of Special Programs at Cleveland ISD.

An effective anti-bullying and anti-violence program includes effective strategies along with reporting mechanisms, training and other tools for staff, students and parents. To learn more about how your district can use the SBVPP, email

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