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Product Highlight: Student Bullying Reporting System

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When it comes to employee and student data, it is imperative that information is limited only to the appropriate administrators based on their role, responsibility with each report type and their individual security level. PublicSchoolWORKS’ accident management systems —the Employee Accident Management System and Student Accident Management System— and safety issue reporting systems—Student Bullying Reporting System, Student Safety Reporting System, Staff Misconduct Reporting System and Hazard Reporting System — automatically notify and engage the appropriate individuals that a report has been submitted for immediate action. Nobody is required to log-in and review a report to determine the appropriate person to take action. Also, all data is secure, providing access only to the people at each school or at a district level that the district has deemed necessary to have it.

Unlike other providers who combine reporting systems into one, potentially unsecure, system, PublicSchoolWORKS has specifically created specific systems for each report type based on role and responsibility with immediate notification of all appropriate individuals to prevent schools from unnecessary liability issues. By keeping reporting systems separate, PublicSchoolWORKS is ensuring that confidential information about students, staff and visitors is not accessible to people who have no business seeing it. In addition to securing information, separate systems simplify the process of determining who should take action as the recipients are defined in the system based on the report type and when a report is submitted, the system auto-notifies the correct administrator. A system that notifies the appropriate administrator when a report has been submitted ensures timely results. In addition to the auto-notification, PublicSchoolWORKS staff reviews all student bullying and safety reports and a call tree has been established allowing us to make contact with district staff in the event of an emergency report, regardless of the time of day.

For example, PublicSchoolWORKS’ Student Bullying Reporting System is specifically for students to report bullying concerns. Both online and telephone mechanisms allow students to report bullying incident details. Once a report is submitted, the designated principal is immediately alerted via email to get involved and document the result of their investigation. This comprehensive reporting system ensures that bullying concerns are being addressed with the speed and intensity that they deserve.

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