Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Product Highlight: OSHA 300 Reporting System

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Attention all OSHA states: Completed OSHA 300 Reports are due!

Make this tedious and time-consuming process easier and more efficient with our OSHA 300 Reporting System. This online system keeps districts in compliance with all appropriate state and federal reporting requirements, and includes both automated and manual tools. The OSHA 300 AutoComplete tool is integrated with the EmployeeSafe Suite Accident Management System, allowing it to pull any reportable accidents for the OSHA Reports immediately. OSHA 300 AutoComplete’s processing mechanism ensures that only reportable accidents are documented, saving administrators time in creating the reports. The OSHA 300 ManualComplete is useful for districts that started using the OSHA 300 Reporting System mid-year. This manual entry tool seamlessly integrates data with the AutoComplete tool.

The system greatly reduces or completely eliminates:

  • Time required to collect, record, maintain and post incidents
  • Liability associated with reporting access and posting requirements
  • Costs related to processing, storing and managing records

Most importantly, the OSHA 300 Reporting System improves the efficiency and effectiveness of school safety programs because administrators have instant access to all reportable information without any extra effort from the district. To learn more about the OSHA 300 Reporting System and how your district can make OSHA reporting easier, email

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