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Product Highlight: MSDS Now! – Silver

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Schools are required to provide ample access to Material Safety Data Sheet ((M)SDS) information for chemicals brought into a school. Having this information readily accessible is necessary for day-to-day use of chemicals and is essential in the case of a chemical spill.

As any administrator can attest to, compiling this information and ensuring that staff is trained to effectively use them is a difficult task. Mesa Public Schools (MPS) in Mesa, AZ, felt the burden of meeting this requirement and was looking for a solution that would manage these compliance-related tasks. MPS began the process by implementing an online (M)SDS provider, but found that progressing to a functional state of use was not as timely as the district needed.

After little success with this provider, MPS decided to switch to PublicSchoolWORKS. PublicSchoolWORKS’ systems were created by former school administrators and are designed specifically for schools.

PublicSchoolWORKS understands that schools need systems that are easy to implement and use because of the many regulatory obligations to uphold.

MSDS Now! – Silver allows staff to easily find (M)SDSs, print labels as necessary and provide other information to improve the safety of schools when dealing with chemicals. Staff can go online to access (M)SDS, and even more importantly, call and talk to a chemical safety specialist when needed, thus eliminating the need for (M)SDS binders and lightening the load for administrators.

MSDS Now! – Silver also features tools to help administrators spread awareness about (M)SDS policies. Administrators are provided instructional posters and labels to educate staff about how to access (M)SDS information using the MSDS Now! – Silver system. PublicSchoolWORKS also provides a section-by-section guide to reading an (M)SDS to help staff understand how to effectively read and use the (M)SDS.

To learn how your district can use MSDS Now! – Silver, emailĀ

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