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Product Highlight: CIPA Training Program

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In 1996 the e-rate was born which led to the growth of, internet accessibility in the classroom. As internet access increased and social media sources became more rampant, legislation followed. In 2012, the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) that in order for schools to be eligible to receive E-rate funding for new technology purchases, they were mandated to ensure all students are trained on internet safety.

To instruct both students about remaining safe when using the internet and to support and enhance the knowledge of educators, WORKS created its CIPA Training+ Program.

The program consists of the following tools and programs that combined fully address all compliance requirements for CIPA. Item 1 meets the letter of the law while 2, 3 & 4 provide tools to enhance a districts program to a higher level:

  1. CIPA – Media Literacy and Digital Safety for Students – This course delivers eRate compliant media literacy and digital safety training for teachers to show students in four grade appropriate modules: K-2; 3-5, 6-8; and 9-12.
  2. CIPA – Media Literacy and Digital Safety – This course examines how students are exposed to media through digital technology, the impact this exposure has on them, and how to incorporate media literacy in the classroom. The course also explains risks that accompany internet activities and shares practical ways for educators to teach students positive behaviors and avoid these risks.
  3. Student Bullying Reporting System – This award-winning 24/7 bullying reporting system gives students an anonymous way to report cyber-bullying and other harmful behaviors via the online submission form or telephone hotline. Principals are auto-notified of any reports so they can quickly intervene before a situation escalates.
  4. Parent InfoCenter –This award-winning portal provides parents with internet safety awareness information, as well as hotlines and online reporting of potentially harmful situations.

Want more information about CIPA? Click here or visit our CIPA Training Program page.

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