Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Potential Legislation to Watch: Rosie’s Law

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All too often headline news covers families suing school districts after their children commit suicide to try to cope with bullying. This story from late 2017 highlights a family’s demands for better bullying prevention programs nationwide.

Rosalie “Rosie” Avila was 13 years-old this past November when she hanged herself after months of alleged bullying at Mesa View Middle School in Yucaipa, Calif. Rosie was taken off life support in December, and now her parents are suing Yucaipa Calimesa Unified School District alleging staff did nothing to protect Rosie, even after she started harming herself, reports NBC Los Angeles. In addition to the lawsuit, the family is influencing lawmakers to draft new legislation. “Rosie’s Law” would require all public school districts to immediately notify the parents of the bully when there is a report of bullying and establish and implement suicide detection and prevention programs on campus.

The PublicSchoolWORKS Student Bullying Program integrates with a district’s written bullying policy to help better manage the reporting, investigation, and resolution of bullying. Students, parents, and educators can report bullying both online and by telephone, and can choose to do so anonymously. Once their report is submitted, the system immediately notifies a designated administrator so he or she can begin investigating. The administrator then documents all actions taken during the investigation and resolution phase in the bullying report, which is stored in the PublicSchoolWORKS online system to ensure everything is documented and saved for future reference, if necessary. Online training courses and PublicSchoolWORKS-provided anti-bullying posters and stickers help promote bullying awareness to staff, students, and families. The system also sends recurring reminders to principals to promote the bullying reporting systems throughout the school year. All of these pieces work together to ensure all bullying reports are investigated and resolved consistently.

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