Monday, May 8th, 2017

Playground Safety: Keeping Students Safe at Recess

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Recess is an important part of young students’ days, but it does create an opportunity for students to get hurt if they are not careful. The Salt Lake City Tribune recently reported that according to a new study from the Utah Department of Health, about 5,100 elementary school students in the state were injured on school playgrounds over a three school-year period.

The study found:

  • Bone fractures or possible fractures accounted for 50.2 percent of all injuries
  • Cuts or lacerations made up 14 percent
  • Bumps, bruises and contusions accounted for 9 percent of injuries
  • The most common causes of injury were clumsiness and using equipment in ways other than intended by equipment designers

The first week of May was National Playground Safety Week so here are a few resources you can use to keep your playground safe:

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