Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

Managing Behavior: Best-Practice Examples

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Student behavior management and discipline policies have been a major focus of the Department of Education in recent years. In The Atlantic, Education Secretary John King spoke about his own experience with school discipline, as well as the importance of cutting off the school-to-prison pipeline and giving students second chances. He also urged school districts and non-profits to “make sure kids like him don’t fall through the proverbial cracks.” Districts that use PublicSchoolWORKS’ Student Behavior Management System (SBMS) are able to do just that.

The SBMS streamlines the reporting and management of behavior, as well as helps administrators detect trends in student behavior, which can then be used to set up preventative action. We compiled a list of articles and case studies that highlight how PublicSchoolWORKS’ customers are using the SBMS to make student behavior management more supportive for students and less of a headache for staff.

Closing the school-to-prison pipeline,” District Administration magazine
Foster a Positive Learning Environment by Automating Your School Safety System,” Charter Focus magazine
Solving Student Behavior Problems Before They Start” case study
Squelching school fights,” District Administration magazine

Has your district been able to solve a unique student behavior concern using the SBMS? Tell us about it so we can share your results!

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