Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

In the News: Student Bus Behavior

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Bus drivers are tasked with ensuring students get to and from school safely, in addition to making sure students behave during the trip. To help students better understand what is appropriate bus etiquette, Abbey Ardiana, a student at Montana’s Sentinel High School, decided to create a bus safety instructional video and included in the cast, a bus-full of Franklin Elementary students. The film is one of six that Ardiana is creating for the Montana Behavioral Initiative (MBI), a statewide effort to teach students clear expectations of positive behavior. To learn more about the video and the MBI, click here.

When bus drivers in the Galion City School District in Galion, OH experienced student behavior issues, they had to write a behavior report and hand-deliver it to the appropriate administrator. The process of filing and investigating the report could take up to three days, meanwhile bus drivers did not know what discipline, if any, the student received.

Once the district started using PublicSchoolWORKS’ Student Behavior Management System, administration knew it would be beneficial to train the bus drivers on how to fill out the online student behavior reports. After the initial training, filling out the form was intuitive. Now when an incident occurs, bus drivers go back to the garage and submit an online behavior report. The system auto-emails administrators to ensure the investigation and resolution start immediately. Bus drivers can now rest easy knowing that administration is addressing student discipline issues in a timely manner. To learn more about how Galion City School District uses PublicSchoolWORKS, click here.

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