Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

In The News: Bullying and Its Prevention

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With the recent start of the new school year, as well as it being National Bullying Prevention Month, major media outlets have been covering numerous aspects of bullying, from recent student suicides to prevention tips for teachers.

Two Huffington Post sections, IMPACT and PARENTS, both featured blogs about bullying. The IMPACT blog titled “Bullying: Are We Back to ‘Kids Will Be Kids’?” discusses the need to dispel the misconception that bullying is considered a rite of passage and is a part of growing up. The PARENTS blog creates a Dos and Don’ts list for educators, counselors, youth workers and parents to use to stopping bullying.

CNN’s Schools of Thought blog debates the effectiveness of zero tolerance policies and discusses different solutions, such as student-led councils and cyberhavior monitoring. Read the full blog post, “School bullying’s chilling new front,” here.

The solution to bullying or student violence concerns is a combination of student and staff training, positive behavior support, comprehensive reporting and swift action by administration when bullying is reported. To learn more about how your district can use PublicSchoolWORKS software suites and programs for bullying and violence prevention and reporting, email

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