Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

Importance of Conducting AND Reporting Drills

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ABC 6/FOX 28 in Columbus, OH recently reported Ohio school districts “ignoring, missing, or not reporting school safety drills.” As of March 2015, Ohio schools are required to complete at least four safety drills each school year. One drill must be a lockdown, two must be either an evacuation or a secure-in-place drill and the fourth must be a theoretical school safety drill to “instruct teachers and staff how to respond.” The law also states that local authorities must be notified of the drill 72 hours prior and that they must submit their safety drill logs. In addition, schools that do not submit their logs timely can be fined $1,000.

The article goes on to say there is a lack of consistency across the state as some districts do not have an action plan, others are missing drills and some have little involvement from local police in their drill planning and execution.

All districts using the EmployeeSafe Suite have the ability to easily stay in compliance with this safety drill mandate using the Compliance Task Manager, which manages the scheduling, notification, tracking and completion of all compliance tasks – like safety drills. When a task is approaching, the Compliance Task Manager auto-emails appropriate administrator about the task to complete. The notification includes specific instructions for completing the task, as well as all necessary resources like forms and checklists. If the tasks are not reported complete, the system sends reminder emails to administrators leading up to the deadline. If the task is not completed by the deadline, the system auto-sends a non-compliance report to the “task manager” who can then follow up as appropriate to ensure each task is completed. The system also helps to ensure that the reports are submitted to the state as required.

In the January ’16 issue of School Business Affairs, Steve Waldmann, the former Manager of School Business of Kings Local School District in Kings Mills, OH, discusses how the district uses the Compliance Task Manager to meet this the state’s safety drill mandate. Click here to read the article.

Staying in compliance is important, but these drills are mandated for a reason – to keep staff and students safe. One of the goals of PublicSchoolWORKS is to ensure all staff and students are prepared to properly respond in the event of a crisis. To learn more about the EmployeeSafe Suite or the Compliance Task Manager, contact us today.

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