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The Importance of Concussion Training for PE Teachers

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With the effects of CTE on professional athletes continuing to make major headlines, it’s no surprise schools and sports leagues are increasing concussion safety training for coaches and volunteers. However, a new study conducted by the University of New Mexico School of Medicine suggests PE teachers are another audience in need of this safety training.

According to Reuters, researchers asked 147 middle and high school athletic directors and trainers in New Mexico how many students were removed from athletics as a result of sustaining a concussion. The results indicated the rate of concussions sustained in PE classes was 60 percent higher than the rate of concussions in sports. The study also stated that during the 2013-14 school year, 3.5 of every 100 students were removed from athletics due to a concussion while 4.7 of every 100 students were removed from PE classes due to a concussion. To read more about the study, click here.

The impact of a concussion depends on the individual and on the severity of the concussion, but there can be an impact on a student’s academic performance and general well-being when recovering from a concussion. In a concussion fact sheet, the CDC says children’s brains are more susceptible to chemical changes in the brain that occur after a concussion. These chemical changes can lead to symptoms affecting cognitive, physical, emotional, and sleep functions.

In most cases, a concussion will not significantly limit a student’s participation in school, but it can limit a student’s ability to participate, learn, and perform well in school. Academic activities requiring concentration can cause concussion symptoms to reappear or worsen. And while concussions affect people differently, most students will have symptoms for a few days or a week, but symptoms of a more serious concussion can last for weeks, months or even longer.

To help districts prevent concussions and properly assimilate students back into school post-concussion, PublicSchoolWORKS created a suite of concussion training courses. The five courses help educators and district staff members learn about the signs and effects of concussions and how to properly respond if they suspect a student has one. To learn which course is best for your PE teachers, contact us today.

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