Friday, February 1st, 2013

Customer Spotlight: Vandalia-Butler City Schools

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Vandalia-Butler City Schools in Vandalia, OH, was tracking all of their student accidents using a standard paper and pen process. This task fell on former Business Manager Chuck Stewart, who was also responsible for evaluating this data to prevent similar accidents from reoccurring. As the business manager, Stewart had the responsibility of managing student accidents which previously required that he chase down faculty and staff in the six buildings in order to get vital information and initiate preventative measures. The process was time-consuming and inefficient.

To remedy the situation, Vandalia-Butler implemented PublicSchoolWORKS’ StudentWatch Suite for their student accident reporting. With the StudentWatch Suite, student accidents are dealt with immediately through the automated web-based system. When an incident occurs, a staff or faculty member goes online and files a student accident report, detailing the extent of the accident, as well as the student’s information and any witness details. Once the report is submitted, StudentWatch automatically notifies the designated site-level and/or district-level administrators prompting them with steps to take to manage the accident from beginning reporting to resolution. This guarantees that incidents are handled appropriately and timely.

The StudentWatch Suite also allows administrators to easily pull accident reports for review and appropriate action. By using the accident reporting module, Stewart evaluated the nature of the incidents and where they occured in order to make the appropriate prevention plans to avert reoccurring accidents.

To find out more about how Vandalia Butler City Schools uses PublicSchoolWORKS for student safety, click here. To learn more about how your district can use the StudentWatch Suite, email:

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