Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Customer Spotlight: Using Technology to “Green” Galion City School District Processes

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Technology has definitely impacted education. Not only is technology being used to increase student interaction in the classroom, it is being used to decrease paper and ink usage in districts. This not only lowers district spending, but it creates a more eco-friendly approach to district operations.

Galion City School District in Galion, OH has decreased its printing costs and impact on the environment by moving away from traditional communication methods. Instead of sending important documents home with students, parents can access digital versions on the district’s website. Galion has further perpetuated its “green” initiative by switching from traditional paper record-keeping to using PublicSchoolWORKS’ web-based system for addressing staff and student safety initiatives.

By using PublicSchoolWORKS’ StudentWatch system, Galion was able to eliminate the paper associated with student behavior reporting because all reporting is done online. When an incident occurs, employees simply fill out a Student Behavior Referral or a Student Documentation Report. When the report is submitted, the system automatically notifies administrators as appropriate of the incident. The Student Behavior Management System interfaces with Ohio’s statewide student database to automatically input required discipline information without any effort required of Galion.

The district expanded its use of PublicSchoolWORKS to include the EmployeeSafe Suite to manage their entire safety program. The system ensures that drills, inspections and other required safety tasks are completed without burdening administration. Additionally, the training system ensures staff complete mandatory training, freeing up valuable in-service days and eliminating paper training logs. Employees can also report staff accidents and near miss incidents online, ensuring that claims and reports do not get lost in a paper trail and get filed quickly.

Transitioning to a digital approach for district processes has been beneficial for both Galion City Schools and the environment. To learn more about how your district can “go green” with PublicSchoolWORKS, email

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