Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Customer Highlight: Intervening Before Issues Escalate: Student Behavior Management with Dublin Schools

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For Dublin City Schools, Ohio’s 12th largest school district with 19 schools and 14,400 enrolled students, traditional paper processes for recording and tracking student behavior issues was cumbersome. Dublin needed a more reliable and timely system.

PublicSchoolWORKS’ Student Behavior Management System was the solution for Dublin City Schools. The system automates and streamlines the administrative process related to student behavior concerns, thus improving and speeding up the communication between teachers and administrators and assuring schools are in compliance with reporting issues.

The Student Behavior Management System allows administrators to easily track referrals, documentation, and positive behavior reports, as well as pull behavior trend reports. The system helps schools stay in compliance with state and federal mandates by automating the exportation of behavior records to state and federal agencies. It also eliminates school duplicate entries and recordkeeping.

Dublin City Schools was able to easily streamline processes in order to effectively address both negative and positive behavior, while increasing effectiveness and recordkeeping.

“The Student Behavior Management system creates a better environment for students by eliminating bullying, promoting better attendance and rewarding positive behavior,” said Santa-Emma. “It solves problems before they start.”

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