Thursday, June 30th, 2016

Customer Highlight: Highland Park Independent School District

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In 2012, Chris Israelson and his colleagues were considering the switch from in-person to web-based staff training. Israelson, who is now the former Executive Director of Personnel at Highland Park Independent School District (ISD), said, “It was a no brainer to get on board with a web-based solution. It’s more convenient and it replaces the ‘sit and get’ type of training that requires repeated trainings across campuses to get everyone trained. The idea of going online was a well-received step for our district to take back then.”

Highland Park ISD, which employs approximately 800 faculty and staff, quickly got on board with the idea. After several presentations from different vendors, the district chose to implement PublicSchoolWORKS’ training system, part of the EmployeeSafe Suite.

Israelson liked how comprehensive the training system is and the fact that it has switched all training compliance processes from a building-level concern to one, cohesive central office process and staff members appreciate getting the opportunity to complete their training on their own time. The system’s hands-off automation manages training expectations and the comprehensive record keeping ensures the district has a way to prove an employee completed training at any time in the future.

In the six years Highland Park ISD has used the training system, Israelson has seen both quantitative and qualitative results. “From a quantitative perspective, I can confidently say that 100% of our employees – from the superintendent’s office to our auxiliary department – are compliant,” said Israelson. “From a qualitative perspective, our staff is trained as comprehensively, thoroughly and efficiently as possible. Additionally, our employees have access to information about different state regulations and can digitally sign-off on new policies. It’s a paperless, efficient way of keeping track of things and our employees are more informed about safe work practices, which has helped minimize some risk.”

What has kept Highland Park ISD a customer of PublicSchoolWORKS for so many years is the company’s level of customer service. “I have consistently been happy with the support we receive. EmployeeSafe is great, but the customer service and the employees we’ve interacted with have exceeded expectations. If you could give the service a rating between 1 and 10, I would give it an 11. Out of all of the vendors we could have chosen, we couldn’t ask for a better one.”



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