Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Customer Highlight: Great Oaks Career Campuses

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Great Oaks Career Campuses provides career and technology education programs for 3,500 students at four campuses, in addition to 11,000 satellite students at 36 different school districts around Cincinnati, Ohio. To keep students, staff, visitors and buildings safe, Great Oaks developed a three-pronged approach to managing and sustaining its safety program:

  • Staff training – Great Oaks uses the PublicSchoolWORKS (WORKS) Training System to manage, track and document all staff training, including courses associated with crisis response. These courses contain updated multimedia content and quizzes to ensure comprehension. The online access gives staff members the flexibility to complete courses when it is most convenient for them.
  • Automated safety management communication – The WORKS system auto- emails employees to remind them to complete assigned training and important safety requirements including drills, inspections, chemical hygiene and other compliance tasks. If not completed by the deadline, the system automatically sends non-compliance reports to key supervisors and administrators that details staff members that did not complete their assigned training or tasks by the deadline.
  • Powerful partnerships with local law enforcement – Great Oaks works with its local law enforcement agencies to conduct lecture-based training and crisis response simulations. These give Great Oaks the opportunity to put safety plans to the test, ensuring they are effective in the event of a crisis.

To provide additional security, Great Oaks has installed more than 100 cameras per campus, plus electric door locking, visitor management and electronic keycard entry systems at each campus. Further, Great Oaks uses NAVIGATE, a system that maps the locations of all cameras, shut-offs, AEDs, exits and more on each campus.

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