Friday, April 29th, 2016

Customer Highlight – Adams County School District #14

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When Linda Shamlin became the Interim Chief Human Resources Officer at Adams County School District #14 in Commerce City, CO this past September, she brought with her changes to how the school district would handle employee safety. She implemented PublicSchoolWORKS’ EmployeeSafe Suite, the automated risk management system she had used at her prior district.

“At my previous district, we had used an online training tool to handle safety and regulatory compliance training, but employees weren’t completing training as they were assigned because the system didn’t effectively manage their doing it,” said Shamlin. “We decided to move to EmployeeSafe because it automatically deploys AND reminds employees to complete their assigned training. If an employee does not complete their training, not only do I get a report stating this, I can create a personalized letter detailing which courses they missed – all based on the same system.”

Shamlin believed her new district, Adams County School District #14, could benefit from these automated capabilities, as well as the other risk management systems included in EmployeeSafe such as the accident management, compliance task management and other systems, because many of these processes were still handled manually and it was very difficult to rely on paper processes because the district’s buildings are widely spread out. Shamlin discussed EmployeeSafe during her interview for her new position explaining how it helped streamline processes at her previous district and even showed her interviewer the system. Her interviewer, who was familiar with PublicSchoolWORKS, then presented the idea to the school cabinet and within two weeks, Adams County School District #14 had signed a contract and began using EmployeeSafe.

Finding the right tool for your district can save time and money. Read more about Linda Shamlin’s thoughts on finding the right tools for your HR department in the April 2016 issue of ASBO International’s publication School Business Affairs here.

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