Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Course Highlight: Teen Dating Violence

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Creating an environment conducive to learning is the ultimate goal for every educator. However, outside sources of trauma and emotional distress like teen dating violence, can negatively impact the learning environment. Students who are victims of teen dating violence often walk the same hallways and sit in classes with their perpetrator, making hard for students to learn.

WORK’s Teen Dating Violence online course, included in the Student Safety and Wellness Course Catalog as part of your EmployeeSafe Suite, informs educators about signs and impact of teen dating violence. This knowledge provides educators with the ways to recognize when teen dating violence may be occurring to a student, and also methods to protect and support students who are victims. By taking this course, educators will learn:

  • The definition and types of teen dating violence
  • The dynamics and effects of teen dating violence
  • Why victims stay in violent relationships
  • How to recognize and respond

School intervention, in the form of training and education, is imperative to effectively interrupt and prevent further dating violence episodes. To learn more about the Teen Dating Violence course and how your district will benefit from this training, email

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