Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

Brace Yourself: Winter Break Is Coming

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The long winter break means students and staff members are left to their own devices – which often translates into more time on social media. Even though school is not in session, students (and staff, too!) should still tweet and post responsibly in social media forums.

In the past month, we’ve read a few compelling articles about social media and online safety.

Use the Grandma rule: Internet safety expert talks to students about proper online behavior, cyberbullying” – The Bemidji Pioneer

Dave Eisenmann, a former teacher and public speaker about social media etiquette, encourages students to post and tweet as if “Grandma” is watching to ensure everyone is respectful.

The Vault Apps That Keep Sexts a Secret” – The New York Times

After news of an underage sexting ring emerged from a high school in CO, reporter Katie Rogers dissects the history and use of these secret vault apps.

RHS Officials Start Program as Result of Students’ Tweet” – Revere Journal

A high school in Massachusetts has pledged to launch a diversity program after illegal immigrants were offended by a student’s tweet.

Bonus Resource:

Internet Matters is a not-for-profit online resource that provides online safety tips and advice from experts. They cover topics like inappropriate content, self-harm, online reputation, sexting, online grooming and more.

Please encourage students to post responsibly over winter break and share these articles with parents to help them monitor their children’s social media activity.

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